New private clinic booking app launches

22 Jun 2020

A new website and app that helps patients search, find and book private clinic appointments has launched called ZoomClinic.

The platform lists almost all types of private clinics on a single platform such as doctors, dentists, surgeons, physiotherapists, counsellors, podiatrists, chiropractors, aesthetic clinics and wellbeing clinics, amongst many others. It aims to allow patients to search, find, review and book private clinic appointments quickly and easily.

The platform was founded by Dr Sadaf Hussain, who stated, “I launched the ZoomClinic Private Clinic Directory after many years of being a GP. I felt there was a no single private clinic directory where I could find the healthcare specialist I needed to refer patients to and even if I could find the specialist, often there was no direct booking service and not much information available about the clinician themselves.”

Dr Sadaf continued, “In addition, I found that many healthcare professionals who are highly trained, were left without a platform to ease their pathway into private care. ZoomClinic provides a fantastic opportunity to create a free profile page highlighting your training and experience, upload your photos and let the world see who you are. The ZoomClinic platform also provides free appointment booking software that clinicians can manage easily from their phone and clients can view and book into directly.” 


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