New products released by Bioderma

18 Mar 2021

Skincare brand Bioderma is launching the Sebium Lotion and Night Peel in April and May 2021 for combination to oily skin.

According to the company, the Sebium Lotion provides eight-hour hydration, regulates sebum production and restores skin pH. The ingredients include zinc, glycerin and agaric and salicylic acid, which aim to purify and clarify the skin, whilst preventing the blocking of bacteria.

The Night Peel contains 15% glycolic acid and aims to reduce blemishes, scarring and restore radiance to the skin.

Consultant dermatologist Dr Emma Craythorne said, “Toners used to be too astringent which would create additional damage after cleansing and dry out the skin but now tend to be more water based and replenishing with the addition of active ingredients such as ceramides and glycerin to readdress the balance. The Night Peel contains glycolic acid which is one of the first molecules we would use for a chemical peel. Using the peel repetitively, even at low percentages, will improve the superficial part of the dermis. The beta hydroxy acid and salicylic acid are good at stopping the dead skin cells sticking together down the follicle. These ingredients can be found in both the Sebium Lotion and Night Peel.” 


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