On the Scene: Dr Rasha Mayfair clinic opening, London

15 Apr 2019

A new aesthetic clinic was launched on April 11 at the high-end location of Mayfair’s Shepherd Market in London.

The clinic is owned and run by aesthetic practitioner Dr Rasha Rakhshani Moghadam, who was born in Kuwait and attended medical school at Kuwait University, before moving to the UK to practise general medicine in 2015.

At her launch event, she shared her passion for aesthetics with friends, family and patients, who enjoyed canapés and drinks alongside demonstrations of clinic offerings such as the VISIA machine and Skinade tasters.

Dr Rasha said she was thrilled to finally have the chance to open her clinic and share it with the public. “I’m so excited because I have dreamt of this forever and I finally have the chance to open my own clinic. It took me nine months to find the perfect location and I am thrilled to be in Mayfair. The event was amazing, there were so many people here to support me. It was great to have the opportunity to talk about all the difference procedures we have available, such as facial mapping, Obagi Medical, ZO Skin Health, and Dr Levy Switzerland, INTRAcel, the M22 device, the Envy Facial, as well as our signature facial which combines different treatment modalities,” she said.


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  • Yasmeena Alniss 02 Nov 2019 / 10:49 AM

    This post will only get deleted as every other honest post that has been made about this Dr and Clinic but I it’s only fair to share my honest experience on here to help other people in knowing the truth and not wasting their money with this dishonest Dr and team.

    I went to London on holiday and after seeing a few bloggers talking about Dr Rasha’s clinic (which I later found out she doesn’t charge them for their treatments, in exchange for free advertising) I thought to give her a try. I initially went in for Botox and ended up spending £5,000 on fillers and rhino and everything else she sold me! Not only was I disappointed with the results from the very next day, but my face was not symmetrical and it was lumpy and I looked awful! When I contacted the clinic I had absolutely no after care service and they were very rude and abrupt and when I started leaving my honest feedback all my comments were deleted and I was blocked from their social media channels. If the Dr and Clinic had nothing to hide why are they deleting my posts and blocking me in order to keep me from writing posts! Girls and Guys seriously do not waste your money. She doesn’t care about anyone all she cares about is the money and if you ask me she shouldn’t be allowed to practice and her clinic should be shut down! Carry on like this and I promise you you will no longer have a clinic to work from!

  • D C 01 Apr 2020 / 11:00 AM

    I agree with Yasmeena regarding this doctor - she is neither experienced nor does she have integrity regarding her practice management.

    She charged me for services based on her view that I “come from money”. In 2019, she charged £600 for a particular procedure and when the same was repeated in 2020, she double charged me without any explanation. She sold me a whole product line of products (rather than the individual ones I wanted) stating that the products only work that way and I’d be wasting my money if I just bought individual products. Her skin specialist therapist, who had training in the product range, later informed me that the doctor was incorrect.

    She damaged a nerve in my mouth from injecting fillers - I needed a course of prescription pain killers for this. She left me severely bruised and swollen for a few weeks from facial contouring procedures she sold to me - she doesn’t use any anaesthetic and is rather rushed in her appointments. She charges £50 for 6 pills to reduce swelling - I went to buy the same pills from a pharmacy and they charged me £5 for a box of 30.

    She doesn’t adhere to industry practice regarding follow-up procedures e.g she charges for follow-up Botox appointments even though these should be free.

    The quality of her work was so bad - my face was not symmetrical and of course, I had constant pain for weeks. I had to spend a fair bit of money to fix the work she did on me.

    Her staff constantly hounded me to write google reviews for her. They did not give me any options to remove my details from the clinic database.

    I investigated and found that she was found to have committed fraud whilst at the NHS, never completed training in the NHS and had her medical license suspended for a while in 2018. So she is only a junior inexperienced doctor with very little western training, a degree from a non-western university and a history of lying.

    She shouldn’t be trusted at all. She isn’t experienced, nor a leader in her field, and she has no integrity or professionalism.