On the scene: Institute Estherderm launches new skincare range

11 Sep 2020

On September 8, skincare brand Institut Esthederm hosted a virtual event discussing its new Propolis+ range, which will officially launch on September 21.

The event began with a presentation from Dr Sophie Shotter, titled ‘Understanding Adult Acne’ which covered the formation and triggers of adult acne, as well as the ways that it can be treated.

Claire Balas, Institut Esthederm product expert and trainer, then discussed the new Propolis+ range, which consists of three products: the Propolis+ Concentrate Serum, the Propolis+ Skin Perfecting Cream and the Propolis+ Purifying Mask. According to Institut Esthederm, Propolis extract is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antioxidant. Other active ingredients in the products include salicylic acid, ferulic acid, hexapeptides and kaolin.

The event finished with an opportunity for delegates to ask questions to both Dr Shotter and Balas.

Balas commented, “Propolis + routine is specifically designed for ageing skin with imperfections. We are very proud of this reformulation based on organic propolis, which is twice as effective as the previous formula. As we don’t want to over treat the skin, we have used just the right dose of salicylic acid and ferulic acid to insure a balance of efficiency and good skin tolerance. The scent and texture of this new range make your at-home skincare routine feel like a real treat!”


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