On the Scene: The Ultimate Thread Lifting Cadaver Course, London

08 Aug 2019

On May 31, aesthetic practitioner Professor Bob Khanna hosted a cadaver workshop titled, The Ultimate Thread Lifting Cadaver Course, at King’s College London.

Throughout the day, delegates were able to take part in theoretical lectures and practical hands-on sessions, learning three dimensional facial anatomies, followed by the principles of thread lifting using different methods.

Professor Khanna showcased the theory of different treatment modalities, including Aptos PDO and Silhouette Soft PLLA threads on fresh cadaver heads. The delegates then carried out dissections from the skin to bone revealing all five anatomical planes. After this, they were then shown how to place the three threads.

Dentist and aesthetic practitioner Dr Nina Bal was a delegate on the course and said of the event, “The cadaver dissecting session helped me to clearly understand on which anatomical tissue plane the threads are inserted and placed and it really simulated treating the patient with minimal risks, so it was a great opportunity to experiment and practice the techniques that I couldn’t have done in any other situation.”

Professor Khanna said, “It is essential that all practitioners carrying out any form of facial aesthetic procedures are given comprehensive training and knowledge in 3D anatomy, alongside detailed knowledge on techniques and concepts. This is especially important when it comes to thread lifting. Practitioners will be more responsible and be able to provide predictable outcomes with lower incidences of complications. It was a phenomenal day!”


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