Pigmentation protection sunglasses launch

28 Nov 2019

Sunglasses that aim to protect individuals who are prone to hyperpigmentation have been launched by aesthetic practitioner Vanita Rattan.

Rattan is not currently on the GMC register but has completed a medical degree and a degree in physiology and pharmacology at the University College London Medical School and has treated more than 25,000 cases of hyperpigmentation.

The ‘Dr V’ sunglasses aim to give those who suffer from genetic or hormonal melasma or who are prone to hyperpigmentation on the cheekbones protection from sun damage to stop existing damage from getting worse.

The sunglasses feature UV filters and are larger than conventional sunglasses, measuring 6.5cm in height for maximum skin protection. Each piece is handmade in a boutique Italian factory using only Italian materials and they come in black, grey and brown.

The glasses are available for patients to buy, as well as practitioners who would like to supply them to patients aiming to help improve their treatment success.

Rattan said, “The reason I created these sunglasses is because I know from my own patients that they don’t reapply sunblock every two hours as recommended. I suffer from melasma myself and it took three years to achieve the correct design and to patent the technology of these sunglasses that really do protect you.”

She adds, “Many people feel like they can’t go out as their pigmentation gets worse every time they do. But these glasses allow patients to go out in the sun and enjoy all the activities they want, safe in the knowledge they are fully protected.”


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