Promoitalia launches iWave body contouring device

07 Oct 2022

Cosmetic product company Promoitalia has released its new body microwave contouring device, iWave.

iWave combines two technologies – MicroWave RD offering focused radial microwaves, and Cold HP Oxygen offering molecular propulsion therapy – with the company saying these work together to combat localised adiposity, cellulite and skin relaxation.

The device can be used either with complementary skin products or without, and according to the company the effects can be seen rapidly after treatment. In a clinical study of 70 patients (49 women, 21 men) aged between 19 and 69 years, the average fat reduction at the end of an average cycle of three treatments was 6.52 cm for the abdomen, 2.79 cm for the arms, 5.86 cm for the thighs and 5.34 cm for the buttocks.

CEO and founder Valerio Matano said, “We are proud to bring the evolution of microwaves to the market, a first of its kind. Our clinical studies have shown that the device uses safe and effective technology, as well as being comfortable and non-invasive, with instant visible results and no down time.”                                


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