Rick O’Neill unveils new digital marketing book

Business consultant Rick O’Neill will be publishing his new book Black Belt Digital in October.

The book provides insights and practical advice to help practitioners grow their aesthetic clinic. Split into 20 chapters, the book details topics including defining your target audience, online advertising, content, social media and email marketing, as well as legal and ethical considerations in digital marketing.

O’Neill commented, “What brings Taekwondo and digital marketing together? In Taekwondo, we live by a series of tenets. We have to enact them consistently over almost a decade in order to achieve black belt level. And I’ve learned over the years that a lot of the principles of a black belt apply to the creation of a digital marketing strategy too; at least, certainly if you want real and sustainable results.”

He continued, “It’s about having a focused plan – who exactly are you trying to reach, where are they and for specifically what conditions or treatments? You need to consistently show up. You can’t get a black belt by turning up to just one Taekwondo class! Digital marketing is also not something you do once: it’s a way of life, just like being a black belt.” 

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