Rosmetics adds three new products to its portfolio

02 Feb 2023

Aesthetic distributor Rosmetics has introduced new products to its portfolio.

The BEAUTY-STEM system from biomedical manufacturing company BPB Medica is an all-in-one, single use kit for liposuction and the processing of adipose tissue without need for centrifugation, explains the company. The resulting purified product, a viscous fluid, can be used for numerous aesthetic procedures. The system can process up to 400ml of adipose tissue in 10 minutes, adds Rosmetics.

The second product is the HD Portable Doppler Ultrasound Scanner from Silarious. The device links wirelessly with your mobile phone and uses advanced artificial intelligence technology to produce high-definition images, notes the company.

The company is also the UK distributor for O2SkinPro Tonic. The product incorporates the patented ingredient Ox66, a solid form of oxygen. The tonic is a spray, which when applied topically to the skin, releases oxygen which is absorbed. The product promotes healing, stimulates collagen and reduces redness and discomfort post-treatment, outlines Rosmetics.     


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