Study reveals benefits of medical-grade skincare for discolouration

14 Apr 2023

A new clinical study has revealed the benefit of medical-grade, at-home topical skincare for treating discolouration on the skin.

The study examined AlumierMD’s Prep & Enhance: Discolouration collection, looking at its effectiveness in both stabilising and improving redness and discolouration before an in-clinic treatment.

The multi-country, multi-site study was conducted with 24 patients on Fitzpatrick skin types I-VI, including four men and 19 women, aged between 20-60.

Over the course of the study, the team observed and quantified improvement in skin texture, redness, UV and brown spots, as well as an overall increase in skin quality and resilience.

After four weeks, results included a 70% improvement in brown spots, 58% improvement in redness, 58% improvement in pores, 54% improvement in wrinkles and 45% improvement in skin texture.

Dr David Eccleston, founder of MediZen Clinic and one of three practitioners associated with the study, said, “It is well recognised that patients seeking in-clinic treatments from an aesthetic medicine practitioner are at risk of potential undesirable effects, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and increased downtime. As practitioners, we need to feel confident recommending pre-treatment skincare and in-clinic treatments for pigmentation for all Fitzpatrick types.” 


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