Survey highlights lack of hyaluronidase awareness

17 Mar 2020

A survey conducted by aesthetic practitioners Dr Mohamed Hani and Dr Philippe Hamida-Pisal has indicated that there is a lack of standardisation for the training and practical use of hyaluronidase in aesthetic practice.

100 UK-based practitioners, from different backgrounds and levels of experience, answered questions about the use of hyaluronidase to correct problems related to dermal fillers.

Although all practitioners confirmed that they believe hyaluronidase is essential for anyone practising dermal fillers, less than 60% of those surveyed had received formal training on how to administer the injectable. As well as this, 90% of those surveyed said that this should be an essential part of dermal filler training activities.

Dr Hani commented, “Current literature has confirmed the essential role of hyaluronidase in aesthetic practice to correct and treat a number of acute and non-acute complications that could arise from dermal filler. Of note, the evidence supporting the above remains empirical and somewhat inconsistent. That may in turn lead to inconsistency in the theoretical knowledge, practical training agendas and clinical usage of hyaluronidase among aesthetic practitioners.”


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