Survey indicates patients are looking older after lockdown

11 Aug 2020

A new survey conducted by aesthetic dentist Dr Yiannis Valilas, owner of the Antiwrinkle Clinic in London, has revelaed that 70% of 20 participants said that they had seen an increase of lines and wrinkles during lockdown, and more than 50% said they believed they now looked more tired.

Despite these outcomes, the survey also highlighted the positive effects of facial aesthetics.

The surveyed patients that underwent injectable treatments following lockdown said that they felt less stressed, had higher spirits, believed it had boosted their self-esteem and has a positive effect on their emotions and confidence.

On the results, Dr Valilas commented, “I think it’s essential to understand the impact lockdown has had on patient’s wellbeing and see this as a duty of care. Patients may now have new or different concerns and it’s not a case of just picking back up from where we left off. I want to make sure patients are happy and comfortable before proceeding with business as usual. The survey has revealed some interesting results and I hope to use this to provide an even better service for my patients.”


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