Transform Hospital Group urges restricted advertising to under-18s

18 Aug 2021

Independent healthcare provider Transform Hospital Group has called for new regulations for advertisers on cosmetic interventions to under-18s.

The regulation was also outlined in the All-Party Parliamentary Group report published in July. Transform Hospital Group outlines that there should be a ban on partnerships between advertisers of cosmetic interventions and social media influencers under the age of 25, or with influencers whose content is likely to appeal to under-18s. The group also suggested regulation and guidelines that require cosmetic interventions advertisers to demonstrate that due diligence has been undertaken to restrict under-18s from viewing content; a ban on pre-watershed broadcast advertising of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic interventions and a requirement on advertisers to display a disclaimer on social media profiles stating that the content is only suitable for over-18s.

Christine Mozzamdar, clinical services director at Transform Hospital Group said, “We are firm in our belief that any marketing activities specific to the cosmetic interventions we deliver are only suitable for, and should be solely viewed by, adults and must be developed sensitively and appropriately. We take extremely seriously our responsibility to ensure our own marketing activities are focused on our intended audience and do not target under-18s, directly or indirectly.” 


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