Video consultation software launches

Business management software company Phorest is launching a video consultations feature to help clinics conduct full appointments, pre-appointments and retail consultations in an online setting.

According to the company, this software will allow you to book face-to-face appointments online, sell retail by professional consultation, see patients on any device with mobile-friendly technology, and prep for appointments while staying socially distant.

Phorest explains that with everything integrated into the Phorest system, patients can book their video consultation online and will receive a reminder with a unique link to their service provider by an automated SMS.

Celia Rose, UK and Ireland country manager, commented, “With Zoom reporting 300 million daily meeting participants, and Google Meet more than 100 million, our clients are used to being online with video conferencing software as part of daily lives. Combine this with the restrictions in travel, a natural progression for our industry is to offer video consultations. Providing greater working flexibility and productivity for practitioners and an easy time efficient welcome option, it’s a win-win for all!”

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