VIVACY launches skincare range for men

26 Oct 2021

Aesthetic product manufacturer VIVACY Laboratories has introduced its first skincare line for men.

The Monsieur skincare range includes the Refreshing Skincare Water which aims to boost skin hydration, whilst providing freshness to the skin. 

The Instant Soothing Gel is designed to reduce razor burn, relieve irritation, and repair the skin after shaving; the Expert Moisturising Care aims to nourish the skin; the Smoothing Anti-Wrinkle serum is created to smooth wrinkles and fine lines; and the Global Antiageing Care aims to moisturise the skin. Ingredients within the range include hyaluronic acid with treignac mineral water, which contains silica for sensitive and weakened skin, the company explains. 

VIVACY will also be hosting skincare training days where the company will showcase its latest products whilst providing retailing and digital marketing tips. The next training day will be on November 3 at the company’s head offices in Mayfair, London


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