Warning issued against discounted treatments

16 Jan 2020

Specialist law firm Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors has teamed up with government-approved register of accredited practitioners, Save Face, to caution would-be patients about discounted injectable treatments.

The warning has been issued following research by Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors indicating a seasonal spike in Google searches for ‘dermal fillers’, ‘cheek fillers’ and ‘lip fillers’ at the beginning of the calendar year.

Michael Saul, partner at Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors, said, “January is traditionally the time when all retailers slash their prices to clear their stock and encourage customers to start shopping again following the expensive festive season, and the cosmetic beauty industry is no different.”

He continued, “However, cut-price deals can encourage people to make a snap decision and undergo a procedure that they are not necessarily ready for, from a practitioner who may not have their best interests at heart. As dermal fillers carry risks such as vascular occlusion, nerve damage and even permanent loss of vision, this January we decided to team up with Save Face to help raise awareness of this issue and encourage customers to resist January-sale offers.”

Ashton Collins, director of independent accreditation body Save Face, said, “Botulinum toxin and dermal fillers are often advertised on social media as risk-free beauty treatments by unscrupulous practitioners, which leads to an increase in demand and consequently an increase in the number of people who suffer botched procedures.”

Collins added, “Sadly, the number of unethical social media posts advertising these procedures increases significantly in the new year and are designed specifically to target vulnerable people into making snap decisions.”


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