Spega Medical relaunches Plexr technology

According to the company, the plasma device has three handpieces whose outputs are optimised when an ad-hoc signal is delivered, depending on the specific treatment. The device ionises the air present between its terminal and the epidermis, generating a radius of micro-plasma.

As well as the relaunch, the company has collaborated with key opinion leader Dr Sherif El Wakil who will be sharing his techniques for upper and lower eyelid correction, smoker’s lines, skin tightening, vaginal rejuvenation and more.

Dr El Wakil said, “It was my privilege to first introduce the Plexr technology and treatment to the UK back in 2015 at ACE. This tiny little device has completely changed my practice. The indications of the Plexr machine are endless and I am exploring new indications every day. The results that I have achieved with the patients are outstanding whether for non-surgical aesthetics, mole removal, smokers lines, or even for non-surgical labiaplasty procedure. I am in love with this machine that keeps pushing the limits, making the seemingly impossible, possible!”    

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