60 Seconds: Dr Linea Strachan

15 Jan 2021

Dr Linea Strachan, aesthetic practitioner & trainer

How did you go from a dentist to launching your own aesthetic academy?

I have always been passionate about aesthetics and I wanted to achieve more for my patients. I attended my first toxin and filler course in 2007 and knew instantly that I wanted to further my aesthetics career. I treated aesthetic patients alongside dentistry and also attended every course and conference I could, with the aim to gradually transition into aesthetics full time. I eventually established my own aesthetic business which rapidly grew, and I also gained experience in teaching. I worked with Teoxane for two years teaching cannula techniques to intermediate and advanced practitioners and I now work with Vivacy as a brand ambassador and teach for them. I am excited to be launching my own training academy in 2021!

What advice would you give to those new to aesthetics?

Follow your passion. If you don’t do it for passion, don’t do it at all! Success will come if you do what you love and love what you do. Remember that practice makes perfect – the more you do, the better you get – and a gradual transition is important. Good knowledge and understanding of human anatomy and physiology would also be beneficial to drive you forward within aesthetic medicine and remember that the learning process never stops.

How will the medical aesthetics industry develop in the next 10 years?

I think that aesthetic medicine will progress further into treating the face as a whole, rather than just focusing on one feature. I hope there will be a more holistic approach to aesthetics, treating each individual to be themselves (the best version of) rather than using a paint by numbers technique that gives everyone the same look. I really hope patients will seek more natural results, rather than fake, over-enhanced features or trying to look like celebrities. Hopefully, patients will be more educated on this new holistic and individualised approach and realise that being unique and being yourself is something more worth celebrating.


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