Advertorial: Rejuvenating the Eye Area

07 Oct 2021

Dr Angelica Kavouni discusses using Thermage FLX to treat the eye area

As we age, the eyelid skin loses its elasticity and stretches, and the muscles directly underneath (orbicularis oculi) weaken. The septum which is an incredibly important structure to the eyelids unfortunately also weakens, either over time or due to a genetic predisposition. The orbital fat prolapses above and below the eyelids, causing sagging and eye bags under the eyes.1 Patients often find that the reduction of orbital fat that tends to happen with ageing causes the eyes to ‘sink in’, accentuating the lid laxity. In the upper lids, the disinsertion or attenuation of the muscle may cause ptosis. Age related descent of the brow (brow ptosis) often also contributes to the ptosis formation.2 Around the eyes, deepening of the lines of expression especially at the lateral lid margins – commonly known as crow’s feet – can be reduced cosmetically by botulinum toxin injections, however the skin laxity cannot be addressed.

According to leading cosmetic surgeon Dr Angelica Kavouni, many of her patients ask her to treat eyes that seem to make them look ‘tired.’ She comments, “Patient demand for non-surgical wrinkle reduction treatment procedures has grown dramatically over the past decade as new treatments and technologies have been introduced.3 This is why non-invasive treatments which promote collagen like Thermage FLX are becoming incredibly popular – especially around the eye area.”

What is Thermage FLX?

Thermage FLX is a non-invasive radiofrequency-based skin tightening device that stimulates the production of new collagen4 to smooth and tighten the skin,5 explains Dr Kavouni. She says, “Thermage FLX is different to anything else available in the marketplace as patients can expect visible results after a single treatment6 as opposed to a full course. With little to no downtime,5 patients can quickly return to their normal routine. Thermage FLX works across the entire face, including forehead, eyes, nasolabial folds, jaw line, jowls and the area under the chin, as well as on the arms, buttocks, tummy and thighs.”

After more than 18 years of expertise and innovation, Thermage has become one of the most trusted skin tightening devices with 2.5 million Thermage treatments performed in the world.*

Thermage has demonstrated a good safety profile over the years and high patient satisfaction levels with 94% of patients declaring the results met their expectations.7 Thermage FLX is suitable for both men and women of all skin types and is FDA cleared and CE Mark approved (CE 0344).

How does Thermage FLX work?

Dr Kavouni explains, “The Thermage FLX procedure involves sending radiofrequency energy waves to the skin’s deeper layers. The heat produced causes existing collagen to contract – which brings the tightening effect – and more importantly, stimulates the production and growth of new collagen over a period of four to six months.8

Its AccuREPTM technology autotunes each pulse of energy, which is customised to the skin, for targeted and effective tightening.5 The Comfort Pulse technology (CPT) of Thermage FLX delivers interspersing cooling burst to keep the skin cool, coupled with the enhanced multi-directional vibration feature** for more a comfortable treatment experience.9

Thermage FLX key features:

  • Quicker procedure: 25% faster treatments compared to the previous Thermage CPT version11
  • Automatic calibration: AccuREPTM Technology enables optimised energy delivery for consistent output
  • Improved patient comfort10: The multidirectional vibration helps aid in patient comfort**
  • Versatility of the system: One handpiece to treat the face, eyes and body without the need to interchange any handpieces
  • Treatment of multiple body areas in a one-hour session: Depending on the area to be treated, one treatment can take up from 30 to 90 minutes
  • Enhanced touchscreen navigation: The updated interface is user-friendly and modern for a better user experience 


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