Advertorial: Shaking the Industry with REVANESSE

22 Nov 2021

REVANESSE causes a stir within the aesthetics industry following its official launch at CCR

As a world-renowned plastic surgeon and champion of the avant-garde, who better to lead the launch of the industry-disrupting dermal filler than Dr Arthur Swift? REVANESSE was the word on everyone’s lips as the aesthetics heavyweight took to the CCR stage in London on October 14 and 15 as the brand’s keynote speaker.

Presenting a symposium on OMGEE Curve: Mastering of the Midface with REVANESSE, Swift unveiled his world-renowned injection techniques to an attentive crowd. He explained how he uses SHAPE deep in a periosteal plane to project and lift, followed by CONTOUR deftly layered with a cannula to create the soft, S shape curves he’s famous for.

Dr Swift’s iconic facial assessment techniques came to the fore in a second symposium on Lips & Tweaks, sharing his tips to analyse the face and achieve facial harmony. Using ULTRA in the lips, Swift explained how he uses the 1.2ml syringe to tweak extra areas on the face, allowing him to achieve natural looking, beautiful results.

An intimate Q&A session followed with accompanying clips, uncovering insights into the life of the leading plastic surgeon, while a lucky 10 had the chance to pick Dr Swift’s brains over the course of an exclusive lunch.

One of only five companies to receive US FDA approval, REVANESSE has already become a big player in the US and Canada, where it has revolutionised the aesthetics market with its unique formula, commitment to high-quality ingredients, and innovative manufacturing technique.

The state-of-the-art dermal filler has spherical particles which give it its key selling points of safety and performance. The gels smooth integration can be linked to their particle shape and low levels of modification, which can reduce immune responses and inflammation.1,2 The spherical shape is designed to be accepted by the body and provide smooth, beautiful results that perform throughout the lifecycle of the skin.

Smooth Spheres, Less Inflammation, More Volume2,3,4

The REVANESSE range includes four products with different sphere sizes to address multiple indications.

  1. REVANESSE KISS 25mg/ml cross-linked HA with a low lift capacity and small particle size to enhance the vermilion lip and submucosal tissue. To be injected into the superficial to the mid dermis.
    Key indications: Lips and perioral lines.
  2. REVANESSE ULTRA 25mg/ml cross-linked HA with a moderate lift capacity to fill and lift in the mid-to-deep dermis.
    Key indications: Lips, nasolabial folds, marionette and temples.
  3. REVANESSE CONTOUR 25mg/ml cross-linked HA with a moderate/ high lift capacity to lift and volumise in the deep dermis-to-subcutaneous layers.
    Key indications: Cheeks, chin, jawline and temples.
  4. REVANESSE SHAPE 25mg/ml cross-linked HA with a very high lift capacity to volumise and give projection in the supra-periosteum.
    Key indications: Cheeks, chin and jawline.

REVANESSE has several training dates scheduled in central London, Tamworth, Cambridge, Harrogate and Glasgow. Training sessions will be conducted by Sharon Bennett, Lisa Feliz, Frances Turner Traill, Lou Sommereux, and Sharon King.

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