Aesthetic Medicine Pathways training launches

22 May 2023

Aesthetic practitioners Dr Raul Cetto and Dr Jeremy Isaac have opened their new training academy for fellow practitioners.

According to the pair, Aesthetic Medicine Pathways (AMP) will provide bespoke peer-to-peer teaching, focusing on case discussions, literature analysis and health debates, rather than didactic learning. Mentors will also offer practical education and experiences.

The academy will offer a fast-track Level 7 qualification, alongside a one-day small-group AMP Tailor Made course to address specific queries and areas of interest, and a four-day Aesthetic Fractions course which offers a deep dive into injectables.

Dr Cetto commented, "At Aesthetic Medicine Pathways we employ a Peer-to-Peer learning model, which increases engagement, produces a deeper understanding and confidence and allows us to experience a diversity of perspectives. Collaboration inspires innovation, and you will see this in every bespoke educational product we offer. Our educational experiences are intimate, designed for professionals seeking to optimise their knowledge and skill; no lectures, no passive learning, just a focus on the evidence, critical thinking and creativity.”

Courses are available to book online now.


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