Alma debuts Opus radiofrequency platform

Aesthetic device company Alma has launched new radiofrequency (RF) device Opus in the UK.

According to the company, Opus is a non-invasive platform for skin tightening and resurfacing using unipolar RF to stimulate collagen production on the face, eye area and body.

The RF is combined with fractional plasma technology to boost collagen stimulation. Alma explains that charged metal pins are applied to the skin at a high frequency (over 40 MHz) to produce a new skin surface without the need for invasive needles.

Teresa Tarmey, facialist and Alma ambassador, commented, “Alma Opus is a dedicated radiofrequency device that delivers a completely tailored treatment for facial skin tightening and resurfacing. It is the first-of-its-kind fractional Plasma technology to enter the skin resurfacing market and is revolutionising treatments with its quick and effective results.”

Katie Vaughan, head of marketing at Alma UK and Ireland, continued, “The Alma Opus is revolutionising skin resurfacing, with its precision and versatility addressing a range of skin concerns from minor to complex. Unlike some plasma devices, Opus Plasma has effective power to charge metal pins on the tips of the applicator to a very high RF voltage. This provides the Plasma ‘spark’, which causes fractional thermal injury channels and kickstarts neocollagenesis, all without ‘charring’ the top of the skin – and with no invasive needles.”

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