BABTAC criticises non-medic influencer injectors

27 Feb 2020

The British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (BABTAC) has released a statement expressing concerns with the rise of non-medically trained influencers administering injectables.

Lesley Blair, chair of BABTAC and the Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (CIBTAC) said, “Both as an insurer and as an industry body on a mission to raise standards in the beauty sector, BABTAC does not condone these fast-track courses that are increasingly being taken by influencers to administer injectables. We believe medical grade training is essential to safely carry out these procedures and to ensure the professional is able to act in the event of any complications. If you can’t prescribe an antidote if necessary, you shouldn’t be administering injectables. Anything less than that puts patients at serious risk.”

To highlight the importance of medical training, BABTAC has released a photo of a medical emergency kit to get patients to question whether their practitioner is in possession of this kit, as well as the risks associated with going to an untrained injector. The picture includes an EpiPen, 1ml of adrenaline, 10mg of chlorphenamine, and 1500IU of hyaluronidase.

BABTAC has also suggested a number of other questions that patients should ask when considering injectable treatments, for example whether the practitioner is medically trained, what qualifications they have, who they are insured by and what aftercare they will provide.

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