BCAM unveils sustainability initiative

The British College of Aesthetic Medicine (BCAM) has launched a new sustainability initiative.

The College is encouraging its members to make their clinics more sustainable by sharing tips in newsletters and collaborating with others who are driving change in the industry.

BCAM explains it has introduced the initiative to help its members make small changes which have a big impact such as recycling waste, employing non-paper-based clinic systems and choosing suppliers who use ethical packaging.

The College is collaborating with business development consultant Ron Myers who launched the ‘Sustainability in Aesthetics’ Facebook group to share best practice and engage with those who are committed to making a change. You can read Myers’ article on sustainability here. BCAM is also publishing regular sustainability tips in its fortnightly newsletter and has asked members to share their own ideas so they can be passed on to others.

BCAM trustee Dr Bhavjit Kaur said, “As the UK’s leading organisation for doctors and dentists practising aesthetic medicine, BCAM is taking the initiative and providing members with practical solutions to make their clinics more sustainable. We also plan to encourage suppliers to offer greener options with their packaging, and it’s encouraging that there are already a handful of pharma companies that are taking sustainability seriously.” 

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