Cambridge Stratum release two devices

02 Nov 2021

Aesthetic equipment supplier Cambridge Stratum has introduced two new picosecond lasers to the market.

The pico500 and pico300 can be used for tattoo removal, causing the pigment particles to be heated and making them shatter. The pico300 device produces the optimum picosecond laser for tattoo removal whilst the pico500 delivers the same energy but at a slower pace, explains the company.

The devices have a clear interface with Android touch screen that displays the status of the machine settings, including the spot size, wavelength, fluence and pulse rate.

John Culbert, managing director at Cambridge Stratum, commented, “There has always been a great deal of discussion within the industry since the introduction of picosecond lasers. The Stratum pico500 and pico300 change the game – not just for tattoo removal, but also for pigmented lesion removal. With the optional x20 diffraction array lens, they are excellent machines for skin rejuvenation and resurfacing.”


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  • null Katie Bennett 10 Nov 2021 / 5:12 PM

    Congrats John!