Cosmetic surgery on the rise at London’s Cadogan Clinic

19 Jun 2019

Following the release of the annual audit conducted by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), the Cadogan Clinic has shared its own cosmetic surgery statistics of its patient base.

Surgical procedures grew by 23% in 2018 at the clinic, compared to a 0.1% nationwide average, according to BAAPS, and there were also different stats between unique treatments.

The clinic reported a rise of 359% in fat transfer procedures against a fall of 3% countrywide, and a 161% rise in rhinoplasty compared with a 3% BAAPS rise. Male treatments were particularly noteworthy, with a 148% rise in procedures against a drop of 4.7% countrywide. Conversely, while BAAPS reported a 14% decrease in browlifts, the Cadogan Clinic didn’t record any.

Consultant plastic surgeon and Cadogan Clinic founder Mr Bryan Mayou commented, “The continued growth of surgical procedures is attributed to the expertise of the industry-leading consultants, the innovative procedures and the approach to patient safety and care. Perhaps overall the strength of surgery, within the midst of Brexit chaos, may also be the Cadogan Clinic policy of performing surgery safely as a day case. Patients, who travel distances, are much happier staying a comfortable local hotel with their family, than going through the tedium of an overnight stay in hospital.”


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