Data shows rise in online consultations

17 Nov 2021

According to new data, patients prefer virtual consultations compared to in-clinic visits.

The Beautified Britain Index: The Skin Report highlighted that 94% of aesthetic patients preferred virtual consultations and practitioners have seen a 70% increase in requests for online consults. The report analysed data from Google search, Google trends, news stories, professional industry bodies, consumer surveys and social media trends.

Aesthetic practitioner Dr Yusra Al-Mukhtar, who was behind the report, commented that convenience and accessibility are the main reasons behind the virtual consults. She said, “We are now seeing the age of the ‘hybrid treatment model’, where clinicians are able to treat online, as well as face-to-face. The beauty of an online consultation is that patients don’t need to wait months – they can get access to medical care and bespoke treatments on their lunch break, with products delivered directly to their door.”     

You can read the full report here


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