DermaFocus unveils Plenhyage XL to the UK

13 Sep 2022

Distribution company DermaFocus has introduced a new biostimulating injectable to its portfolio.

The polymerised, polynucleotide-based injectable gel, Plenhyage XL, aims to help repair tissue by stimulating fibroblasts, encouraging cell turnover, improving elasticity, boosting collagen production and hydrating the skin, explains DermaFocus.

A clinical study involving 15 patients highlighted a 115% increase in hydration levels and a 38% improvement in elasticity after 20 weeks of a Plenhyage XL treatment. Another clinical study involving 36 mice divided into controlled and experimental groups with skin wound depth of 12mm showed an increased epidermal thickness by more than 50% and a 47% boost in collagen after 23 days.

Practitioners can use the product to treat acne scarring, hyperpigmentation and rosacea. As well as being injected into the upper, mid and lower face, Plenhyage XL can also treat the neck, décolletage, inner arms, thighs and knees, notes the company.

Patients can expect to see results after three weeks which will last six to nine months. Three to four sessions, spaced over 21-28 days are required for best results, the company explains.

Plenhyage XL is available in two doses – medium at 20mg per ml and strong at 25mg per ml. Medium is recommended to treat less severe ageing and skin concerns and can be used on the periocular area to treat dark circles and restore skin. Strong tackles deep wrinkles and acne scars and can be used on other parts of the body, adds DermaFocus.

Milad Bemana, executive director of DermaFocus, said, “Regenerative medicine is the future of aesthetics. The power of polynucleotides cannot be underestimated, and we are delighted to bring this game-changing product – Plenhyage XL – to UK-based practitioners. Helping you to deliver safe and successful results to patients is at the heart of everything we do, you will benefit from thorough training and ongoing support that not only benefits patients but boosts your business and expertise.” 


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