Eden Aesthetics distributes new radiofrequency device

25 Nov 2022

Aesthetic distributor Eden Aesthetics has announced its acquisition of Novaclinical’s 4Plus quadripolar radiofrequency device.

According to the company, 4Plus is designed to treat the face and body, apparently providing a solution for facial and body contouring, minimising acne scars, skin resurfacing and stretch mark reduction through combining four elements.

Eden Aesthetics says the device incorporates variable radiofrequency, a radiofrequency safety system, ultrapulsed radioporation and the internet of medical things (IoMT) concept so create a holistic treatment. The device also utilises dynamic quadripolar radiofrequency (DQRF) technology, which the company says allows the device to reach deep tissues.

Lindsay Gray, managing director at Eden Aesthetics, commented, “With 4Plus, the tissue is treated in a natural, safe, comfortable and effective results-driven short session with no downtime. Thanks to painless procedures and with total comfort for the patient, no anaesthesia or cooling systems are required. The DQRF technology stimulates physiological cell regeneration without damaging the treated areas.”


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