Exclusive programme with Dr Mauricio de Maio to take place

13 Dec 2022

Plastic surgeon Dr Mauricio de Maio is hosting a two-day ‘Path to Expertise’ programme for medical professionals.

The programme aims to help practitioners understand facial anatomy, expand injecting techniques and to find inspiration around reimagining ageing. Attendees will be able to discuss several complex cases with Dr de Maio across genders, ethnicities and age groups and will be challenged to expand their thinking.

Dr Marco Nicoloso, medical director at Ouroynx Clinic, “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to have Dr Mauricio de Maio – a world-renowned plastic surgeon who has pioneered an innovative way of treating the signs of ageing – here at Ouronyx for these 2 days only, giving experts the chance to hear him share is wealth of knowledge and his interesting approach to cosmetic injectables, and learn about his inspirations and advice for success in medical aesthetics. We know this will allow all participants to feel inspired and incorporate these latest techniques into their work and practices.”

The event will be taking place at Ouronyx Clinic in London on January 13-14, 2023, with a limited number of seats available.     


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