First ever female president elected for surgery association

12 Oct 2020

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) has appointed consultant plastic surgeon Miss Mary O’Brien as its first ever female president.

Miss O’Brien was previously vice-president of the association and replaces former president Mr Paul Harris.

Commenting on her new role, Miss O’Brien said, “I am very grateful to many mentors both male and female who helped me to pursue a career that I love. Plastic surgeons are not defined by their gender, but rather their training and skill set. I hope to be able to continue to contribute to training future generations of plastic surgeons in this fulfilling career. With regard to the BAAPS, it is an association that primarily treats female patients. I hope that a professional female perspective will provide a healthy balance and contribution to its leadership."

One of her main concerns as president is the trivialisation and glamorisation of both surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures.

She commented, “Cosmetic tourism, unscrupulous advertising and marketing, irresponsible agencies that sell surgery targeting vulnerable groups, and the promotion of unrealistic expectations all concern me. We live in a society that increasingly connects via a virtual world, and Instagram posts don't always represent reality! Aesthetic surgery in itself aims to address a specific issue and with it promote psychological and physical wellbeing, so that patients can move on with their lives from focusing on a physical aspect of their body that psychologically distresses them. This can only be achieved with appropriate patient selection and a clear understanding of realistic expectations of surgery and postoperative rehabilitation.”


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