Human technology skin learning tool launches

28 Jun 2022

Skincare brand Dermalogica has adopted a metahuman technology called Natalia to support skincare education for skin professionals and consumers.

The photorealistic digital human technology is a training tool to focus on product results as it realistically simulates conditions such as ageing, dehydration and sensitivity, so learners can understand how the skin responds to natural and environmental triggers. Natalia was unveiled alongside Dermalogica’s recent Awaken Peptide Eye Gel launch, where the technology was used to demonstrate how the skin and muscle surrounding the eye area can be weakened over time. 

Learners could watch how the fat supporting the eye area migrates into the lower lid, resulting in under-eye puffiness that contributes to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Global CEO of Dermalogica, Aurelian Lis, commented, “We can now use metaverse technology to train millions of consumers and hundreds of thousands of professionals about changing skin conditions. Education has always been at the forefront of Dermalogica’s core values and Natalia seeks to elevate this through providing a fun, immersive learning environment that breaks traditional norms.”


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