Industry pushes for tighter regulation at the Houses of Parliament

21 Jun 2022

Industry stakeholders visited the Houses of Parliament in June to discuss the key issues relating to the recent proposed license in the Health and Care Bill.

Dr Paul Charlson, trustee of the Joint Council of Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP), organised the meeting with Tamara Sandoul, policy officer at the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health to join with the Conservative Health Group at the House of Commons. The meeting was an hour and a half and was joined by Honourable Maria Caulfield MP under the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care. Within the meeting, a particular topic discussed was a need for a set of standards and requirements for each type of aesthetic procedure to fall within the scope of the licence.

The Health and Care Bill will include a new licensing scheme for those carrying out cosmetic procedures, which aims to create consistent training for individuals, as well as hygiene and safety standards for premises. Professor David Sines, executive chair and registrar of the JCCP who attended the meeting, said, “During this meeting, we discussed the standards should be nationally set so that there is a level playing field across England and all practitioners, as well as regulators, are clear on what conditions would need to be met to obtain a licence. A system of accreditation for training courses and providers should also be set nationally to make the licensing scheme work well at protecting the public. We look forward to taking this agenda forward on the basis of co-design and national consultation.”

The Bill is expected to be put in place in 2024.


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