Influencer caught offering fillers during lockdown

20 May 2020

An Instagram influencer has been accused of offering dermal fillers to an undercover reporter during COVID-19 lockdown.

The Sunday Mirror reporter contacted Stephanie Scolaro via Instagram and was offered a choice of two appointments for a lip filler treatment despite Government restrictions.

Director of government-approved register of accredited practitioners, Save Face, Ashton Collins commented, “We are extremely disappointed to see that practitioners have been blatantly ignoring government guidelines by continuing to offer treatments during the peak of the virus, compromising the health of their patients and placing the NHS under additional jeopardy. Infection control measures to prevent the spread of the virus cannot be properly implemented by practitioners who treat patients in their homes or travel to other people’s homes.”

She added, “Services will resume once the Government advise it is safe to do so and Save Face are implementing strict guidelines to our accredited practitioners to ensure all precautions are thoroughly implemented.”


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