InMode releases new technology Empower RF

Aesthetic device company InMode has launched new technology Empower RF, designed to aid women’s intimate health.

According to the company, Empower RF combines radiofrequency energy with intravaginal electrical muscle stimulation to treat a broad range of concerns, including neuromuscular re-education for weakened pelvic floor muscles, plus relief from urinary incontinence and vaginal atrophy.

Consultant gynaecologist, Mr Vivek Nama, commented, “Women’s wellness is quintessential to the wellbeing of society. Now, with increasing awareness, more women are seeking help and can talk about it. Empower RF is designed with women’s wellness at the forefront of its agenda, incorporating radiofrequency and electromagnetic stimulation. This allows us to treat both collagen and muscle to improve vulvo-vaginal health. Put simply, the technology and safety embedded in Empower RF will benefit women in years to come by avoiding complex surgery.”

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