Interface Aesthetics extends mentorship scheme

21 Apr 2021

Aesthetic training provider Interface Aesthetics has extended its Junior Trainee Mentorship Scheme (JTMS) to include monthly webinars and face-to-face observation days.

The non-profit scheme was set up in January 2021 for undergraduate and newly qualified postgraduate health professionals in aesthetics.

Interface Aesthetics has hosted three webinars so far, with last month’s showcasing the journeys of three past Interface delegates.

Maxillofacial surgery registrar and Interface Aesthetics director, Mr James Olding commented, “This innovative scheme is a key part of Interface Aesthetics’ push to make the aesthetics industry better for professionals and safer for patients. Providing a training framework and syllabus early on will over undergrads and junior graduates the clarity and support they need.”

The next webinar will be led by Mr Olding and aesthetic doctor, GP and Interface trainer, Dr Davina Wilson and will take place on May 1 with a focus on the anatomy of the upper face.

This webinar will be free for healthcare professionals. You can register by emailing


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