New cryotherapy machine launches

25 Mar 2020

US aesthetic equipment brand Zemits has launched in the UK, introducing its CoolRestore cryotherapy device to the market.

The device has two treatments modes: cryo mode and smart mode.

According to Zemits, the cryo treatment mode uses cold therapy as low as -18 °C, and can be performed in one target area for anywhere between 15-30 minutes. The company explains that this allows for the skin to cool to a temperature that enables fat elimination and skin firming.

The smart treatment mode has a preset protocol that changes between hot and cold therapy, alternating between two minutes of each. Referred to as shock thermal therapy, the company states that this boosts the effectiveness of eliminating adipocytes.

CoolRestore also has a handpiece that is able to measure the current temperature of the skin, and indicate that on the device's screen. Zemits explains that this allows the operator to always be aware of the patient's current temperature.


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