New eye and periocular cleanser launches

19 Nov 2020

New aesthetic company FaceRestoration Ltd and manufacturer Clinical Health Technologies Ltd have partnered to release Purifeyes, a pH balanced eye and periocular antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory cleanser.

FaceRestoration Ltd explains that the cleanser uses hypochlorous technology to provide protection against transmissible respiratory contamination, organisms responsible for inflammation, styes or chalazia, dry eyes, and post-intervention infections. Practitioners can use it before and after, as well as during, their injectable treatments around they eye.

Miss Rachna Murthy, co-founder of FaceRestoration Ltd and consultant oculoplastic and aesthetic surgeon, commented, “The idea for Purifeyes came from the recognition of an unmet need. As an oculoplastic and aesthetic surgeon, with an interest in complications management, I was acutely aware of the limitations of current antimicrobial cleansers. They stain, sting or are toxic to the eye and skin. I have witnessed alcohol-related corneal burns and suffered from chlorhexidine allergy. Collaborating with the leading maker of a high purity hypochlorous, which our body naturally produces to fend off bacteria and viruses, we have formulated an eye safe antimicrobial. Purifeyes meets this unmet need and I believe will revolutionise periocular care and treatments."


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