New skincare pyramid created

05 Jan 2022

Skincare brand Swissline has produced an interactive animated tool named the Perfect Formula Pyramid that aims to offer patients an understanding of skincare, including when and how to approach ingredients for different skin concerns.

The pyramid does not offer an in-depth look into every ingredient on the market, but instead provides an overview of the key ingredients, and which ingredients aim to help with certain skin concerns, from ageing to hydration.

According to the pyramid, inflammation, hydration and UV protection are at the bottom and should be addressed first. Next, patients can address issues with the skin barrier and its defences with ingredients including amino acids, ceramides, vitamin C and probiotics. Then, patients should consider targeting signs of ageing with collagen, hyaluronic acid, and peptides and aim to improve cell turnover with retinol and AHAs. Finally, the top of the pyramid involves addressing cellular youth.

The pyramid can be viewed on Swissline’s website here along with suitable products for each skin concern.


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