New Yvoire dermal filler launches in the UK

04 Dec 2022

Aesthetic distribution company Church Pharmacy has announced the launch of Yvoire Y-Solution 720 dermal filler, manufactured by LG Chem, in the UK.

According to Yvoire, the filler utilises a S-HICE cross-linking method, with a high concentration of hyaluronic acid and low use of cross-linking agents, to create a ‘spring-like’ result with immediate volume.

Dr Vikram Swaminathan, international KOL for LG Chem, said, "Yvoire Y-solution 720 is a very versatile product with impressive treatment results. From my experience, its unique combination of elasticity and cohesivity allows for easy injection and great results, even with minimal quantities, in the cheek, chin, jawline and lip areas."


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