REVIV introduces genetic analysis programme

12 Jul 2019

Global wellness provider REVIV has launched a bespoke programme called REVIV Genetics that aims to offer treatments and products based on an individual’s genetic analysis.

REVIV says it sequences the full genome to establish the gene variations in individuals that demonstrate how different aspects of the body work and behave. Practitioners have the option to offer two different analysing programmes to their patients; Beauty, which assesses collagen, moisture, oxidative stress and biological age and Beauty coupled with Weight & Nutrition, which covers genetic weight profile and genetic response to food groups. 

The REVIV clinics will also be offering three other options in their clinics; Health, Weight & Nutrition, Sports & Nutrition and Nutrition. 

CEO of REVIV, Sarah Lomas said, “With the advancement of technology, individuals are far more educated in terms of their own wellbeing; as a wellness sector we need to continue to provide the information that will allow people to take control and make lifestyle decisions based on advanced data.”


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