SEASON Conference to tackle myths in aesthetics

17 Mar 2023

The Science Enhanced Anatomy Safety Outcomes Network (SEASON) conference will be returning in June.

The three-day conference aims to provide individualised hands-on training with both ultrasound and 3D imaging with this year’s theme being focused on Aesthetic Mythbusters.

The first day will include a hands-on cadaver workshop with face and body anatomy, injection and threads practice, techniques for fillers, toxins and threads as well as avoidance and management of complications.

The second day will involve the regenerative medicine masterclass including platelet-rich plasma, fat grafting, epigenetics, exosomes, stem cells and gene therapy and a mythbuster debate on fillers, toxins, lasers and lights.

The final day will investigate the ethics of aesthetics, wound healing and scar management, complication case studies, skincare mythbuster and new technologies on our horizon.

Mr Dalvi Humzah, conference director of SEASON, said, “The London 2023 SEASON meeting will be building on the previous meeting, bringing together leading anatomy specialists and ultrasound experts for the cadaver hands-on sessions. Following this the scientific days will explore cutting-edge research and applications in clinical practice looking deeper into the science of exosomes, stem cells PRP and other aspects of complications, toxins and fillers. This event will give practitioners a unique insight and understanding of the current and future developments in aesthetics that they can apply in their practice.”

The SEASON conference will be taking place on June 9-11 at King’s College London Guy’s Campus. 


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