Skin of colour melasma treatment discovered

25 Sep 2020

A clinical report published in Lasers in Surgery and Medicine has indicated that a 755 nm picosecond laser is safe for the treatment of melasma in skin-of-colour patients.

Eighteen subjects presenting with mixed‐type melasma were randomly treated with a 755 nm picosecond laser, coupled with diffractive lens array (DLA) on one side of the face and without DLA (flat optics), on the other side.

The study showed that pigment clearance significantly improved from one to six months after the treatment on each side. There were no statistically significant differences in physician rating scores between the two treatment techniques at all follow-up visits. The study did however note that the sides treated with full beam (flat optics) had a lower incidence of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation than the fractionated side.

Dr Woraphong Manuskiatti, leader of the study, said, “Treatment of melasma with lasers remains a challenge due to its limited clinical efficacy in addition to high rates of recurrence and side effects. This study demonstrates that a 755 nm picosecond laser is safe and effective for the treatment of melasma in dark-skinned individuals.”


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