Skinade launches two new product lines

14 Jun 2019

Two new lines have been added to the Skinade supplement portfolio called Skinade Targeted Solutions and Skinade|MD Pre+Post Care Programme.

There are three products in the Skinade Targeted Solutions range, which are exclusive for professional use. Skinade Targeted Solutions Cellulite aims to deliver targeted nutraceuticals promoting high absorption and bioavailability to address cellulite-related concerns, while the Skinade Targeted Solutions Vitamin Boost A+D aims to stimulate natural skin cell renewal, elasticity and hydration while rejuvenate and repair skin. Finally the Skinade Targeted Solutions Clear aims to allow the body to naturally address acne causes, including hormonal imbalance, inflammation and overactive sebaceous glands.

Consultant plastic surgeon, Mr Paul Banwell, said, “As a long-term advocate of Skinade, I am delighted to see that they are leading the way with further innovations in skin science and wellness. I have seen great results in clinic, and am delighted that it now has a cult following amongst celebrities and professionals alike. Skinade continues to lead the field with this new range of products, and I am very excited to be able to offer the next generation of Skinade products to my patients.’’

Also launched is the Skinade|MD Pre+Post Care Programme. It is a medical solution to help patients prepare and recover from surgical or invasive aesthetic procedures, such as deep chemical peels, CO2 lasers and surgery. It is exclusively designed for medical professionals to supply to their patients and it comes in a four-step protocol covering a 45-day period. The programme integrates liquid and powder sachets, capsules and a sublingual spray enabling the active ingredients to be consumed with optimal efficacy to improve results and mitigate procedure impact, the company states.

Consultant plastic and aesthetic surgeon, Mr Dalvi Humzah, said, ‘’I recommend Skinade to my patients and I have seen some great results. Skinade is a brand I trust and it features in my clinical P&D Surgery Practice. As a plastic surgeon, I am excited by the Skinade|MD launch, which will enhance my patients’ experience for better results and reduced downtime. The Pre+Post Care Programme will be offered to my patients as a key part of my procedure protocols.’’


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