Skinade University launches

21 May 2020

Health supplement brand Skinade by Bottled Science Ltd has launched a digital training platform called Skinade University, aiming to educate practitioners about nutraceuticals.

At present, one live webinar is taking place each day which can be accessed by current stockists, or practitioners looking to learn more about Skinade.

Skinade partnership managers Agostina Murgia, Daniel Cohel and Alison Leeming are leading the hour-long webinars, which focus on either Skinade Classic, or Targeted Solutions Clear, Cellulite or Derma Defence A&D.

After attending seven sessions, practitioners will receive a Skinade ‘diploma’ certificate.

Murgia said, “We are delighted to be launching Skinade University. It’s a really good way to train new stockists who have never used Skinade before, as well as give existing clients a re-fresher and to enhance their knowledge on the products. We go into quite a bit of depth and also allow for questions and answers. It’s been really successful so far and we have been able to train hundreds since the launch.” She added, “With the UK currently in lockdown, home treatments such as nutraceuticals are becoming very popular and it can be a great additional product to add to a clinic’s portfolio.”

Those interested in joining the webinars must contact Skinade for access. Skinade will send current stockists the timetable for the week every Monday via email.


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