Visible by Hannah: Auditing Your Brand's Images

23 Sep 2021

Photographer Hannah McClune’s monthly tips on how to strengthen your business through branding

How well are your current images performing?

If you are not feeling confident that the images you are sharing are the right ones – or that the images are not doing their best possible job at attracting patients – then maybe you need to review what you share. Great quality images will make you look polished and professional, while poor-quality images... well the opposite.

Take some time to check if the images you are sharing strengthen your brand and the way your business is seen. It starts with identifying your brand values and dream patients:

1. Your brand clarity: What values do you want your business to stand for?

2. Your dream patient: Who is it you want to sell to and be booked by?

Once you know these two main factors you can start to check your photos against each other. Compare what it is you post on social media platforms, have on your website, and also anything offline to be sure they match the values you want to reflect and also will be appealing to your ideal customers.

For more branding advice

Would you like a free copy of Visible by Hannah’s 10 page audit workbook? It guides you through your brand clarity, your dream client and ultimately, the comprehensive checks you need to complete for every place you share images. The guide is available for all readers. Email Hannah for your copy at


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