Visible by Hannah: Getting Visible in 2022

01 Dec 2021

Photographer Hannah McClune’s monthly tips on how to strengthen your business through branding

Have you had a photoshoot, or taken photos yourself, and something was not quite right? It can be hard to know why a photo is not strengthening your brand. There is a simple answer: beautiful images aren’t enough, they need to be strategic.

Create your photos with a strategy in mind. Your images need to be taken with intention. Now is the time to develop this strategy to be aligned with your 2022 marketing plan. The goals for your business should fit with the content you share, and consider them to ensure your business is seen by your patients and increase bookings.

The key principles when creating images thoughtfully begin with:

  • Reflecting on how 2021 has been
  • Deciding how you want 2022 to look

Then, most importantly, turning those 2022 dreams into an action plan. It is easy to work with a daily tactical approach, simply managing what you have happening each day. Stepping back, taking time out to consider how you want to grow and what you want for your business is hard, however, the long-term thinking and strategic approach is the best way to get visible.

Build a 2022 marketing plan to reference throughout the year; SMART goals confirmed, a step-by-step plan with directions and knowledge on how to achieve them. Members of Visible Collective have 2022 marketing plan support included in their annual subscription as well as four photo sessions a year. 

If getting more visibility and increasing your revenue is a priority for you, visit for details on how to join.


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