5 Squirrels unveils new skincare products

21 Sep 2023

Private label skincare manufacturer 5 Squirrels has introduced a range of new skincare products to its portfolio.

The first new product is Purify: Micellar Water which can be used for makeup removal, cleansing and toning. The product contains ingredients like licorice root extract for skin radiance; panax ginseng extract for vitality and green tea extract for antioxidant fortification, notes 5 Squirrels. The product is available for pre-order now.

In September, 5 Squirrels will be releasing Thrive: Change Management Serum and Calm: Empowering Night Cream. The company explains that Thrive is a gel serum aiming to reduce redness, irritation and sensitivity while increasing skin firmness and elasticity, whilst Calm rejuvenates the skin during sleep.

Furthermore, in October, the company will be launching the Clarify Collection for oily and blemish-prone skin. The range includes Clear: Degreasing Cleanser, Remove: Oil Control Pads, Control: Breakout-Buster Serum and Zap: Blemish Control Pen.

Gary Conroy, CEO of 5 Squirrels, commented, “Our clients are always looking for the latest and greatest skincare products, and we are committed to providing them with what they want. We are extremely excited about our new products, and we have had fantastic feedback from our client testing panel.” 


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