Advertorial: Integrating Skincare into Your Patient's Treatment Journey

07 Apr 2022

Dr Jonquille Chantrey comments on her experience integrating skincare into her clinic

Born from decades of research, SkinCeuticals’ high potency formulas are proven to be absorbed optimally into the skin.

Centered around three main pillars: Prevent, Correct, Protect, we provide advanced skincare, backed by science, research and innovation. Our products work synergistically together to provide effective results. The benefits are long-lasting results and healthier, youthful looking skin.


Combining clinical procedures with professional treatments and advanced home care delivers comprehensive results:

  • Professional pre-conditioning and recovery post treatment helps to reduce downtime and feelings of discomfort
  • Advanced home care aids in prolonging and protecting results due to the additional benefits of antioxidants

Practitioner perspective

Dr Jonquille Chantrey, global key opinion leader for SkinCeuticals and multi award-winning surgeon and lecturer, comments on her experience on integrating skincare into her clinic, ØNE Aesthetic Studiø:

How important is retail to your clinic?

Retail is essential to maximising my patient results. I take an integrated approach to my whole practice. Injectables, devices and in-clinic chemical peels are then optimised by at home strategic skincare routines.

Has this changed in recent years and if so, explain how?

I have always had a very busy skincare element to my practice as my patients tend to be keen to learn how to take control of their skin health – I have a savvy skintellectual market. However, patient motivations for improved skin outcomes are evolving as is their understanding of active ingredients as well as having higher expectations. This has meant that more patients are seeking comprehensive skincare protocols. This has certainly been the case since the pandemic.

Is there a difference between skincare you retail and skincare you use in clinic?

All the skincare I retail is clinical and contains active ingredients. Some are on prescription. For bespoke medical facials, chemical peels, microneedling and post device, the skincare is for professional use only.

What do you look for in a skincare brand?

Firstly, safety and efficacy. Is there high-quality scientific data to support the claims? Secondly inclusivity – are there products that meet the needs of my highly diverse ethnic and gender patient demographics so we can tailor the protocol for everyone safely and effectively? Thirdly, tolerability. This has become increasingly more important in my practice as patients are wanting less downtime of erythema and peeling but are still wanting the best results. For me, being an advanced practitioner of SkinCeuticals allows me to increase efficacy and tolerability simultaneously.

What do you personally use for your skincare regime?

Blemish & Age Cleanser & Toner, Silymarin CF, H.A. Intensifier, A.G.E. Eye Complex, Oil Shield UV Defense SPF 50, Tripeptide R Neck Repair, Retinol 0.3% and Resveratrol B E.

Which treatments benefit from pre, during and post skincare?

All in-clinic treatments, from pre and post bar none. Adequate skin prep pre-chemical peels and device-led skin resurfacing and tightening is essential for not only optimised results but also management of the melanocytes and sebaceous glands. Multiple integrative studies with device-led procedures such as laser and microneedling paired with SkinCeuticals topical application during the treatment, have shown both safety and efficacy.

Have you had any feedback from patients or success stories surrounding an integrated skincare regime?

Absolutely – all my patients see improved results and longevity from their procedures when they follow the dedicated skincare routine that we personally prescribe for them. Those patients that have always been sceptical about skincare for years notice a huge difference in their skin quality. Once they start, they don’t look back.

What advice do you have for other clinics wanting to integrate skincare into treatment protocols?

Look for supportive data around the products you want to introduce.

Speak to your SkinCeuticals representative for more information about the range. If you do not have a dedicated contact please email


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