Cynosure introduces new device in the US

29 Oct 2020

Laser manufacturer Cynosure has launched FlexSure, a wrappable radiofrequency (RF) applicator, to US and Canadian markets.

The company explains that FlexSure’s ‘peel-andstick’ disposable applicators allow practitioners to deliver hands-free, deep tissue heating to multiple areas, including the abdomen, back, arms, buttocks, thighs and above the knees.

The applicators, available in multiple sizes, are equipped with six customizable zones and temperature-sensing capabilities.

Todd Tillemans, chief executive officer of Cynosure, commented, “We at Cynosure are committed to driving innovation forward and delivering technology like FlexSure that not only meets our growing base of consumer needs, but practitioner needs as well, helping them to maximise both time with each patient and resources to remain productive and profitable. Created with these considerations, the FlexSure device is the ideal product for practices to integrate as its single-use, disposable applicators help meet the needs expressed by consumers for more hygienic treatment options.” The FlexSure will launch in the UK in 2021.


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